Souvenir Works X Houseology – London fashion brand links up to create limited drops for The Barbershop album

In conjunction with the release of Snips’ debut album The Barbershop. London-based clothing brand Souvenir Works  have built some exclusive and specially designed pieces in celebration.  The Barbershop Album was constructed using samples and the same premise has been applied for the reworks by Souvenir.

Souvenir Works has reworked pieces from Carhartt and Champion on the CHAMPARTT jacket that has released alongside a SOUVENIR SOUNDS T-shirt. The two-piece drop is part of the SOUVENIR SOUNDS VOL. 1 project. Snips’ debut album is a journey through the sounds and tempos that connect true school Hip-Hop with Classic House, presenting an audio aesthetic that rings true to SOUVENIR’s nostalgic yet contemporary sounds.

The CHAMPARTT jacket fuses a Champion reverse wear hoody in black with a classic Carhartt Chore jacket in signature duck brown canvas, referencing the project’s ties to Detroit Motown, House music and East Coast hip-hop. The limited edition SOUVENIR SOUNDS T-shirt features a mix of logo embroidery and graphic featuring motifs and text from classic record covers and center labels.

Head over to the Souvenir Works site to grab one of the limited edition t-shirts here 

Buy SnipsThe Barbershop vinyl direct here from Houseology