Is a female House DJs gender important in 2016? #HouseologyBlogSeries

BY Kristy Alisa

Contributor, Houseology Blog Series,  Twitter: @MsAlisaSays

Is a female House DJs gender important in 2016?

To be honest, which I always am, sometimes to my detriment I hate these kinda questions.

People expect you, as a woman to take a feminist girl power stance.  But I cant.  Because it would go against who I am.  Okay so lets break this down point by point:

1. Lets be real the sad truth is that most (note the use of most before those few with real talent start lighting torches and picking up their pitchforks?) only progress on looks/style.

2.  Sadly there is such a small sample to consider applying this question I can count the genuinely talented and SUCCESSFUL female House DJs I know of on one hand.

3. Certain DJs dont help the cause by doing things like getting caught mixing when the decks weren’t even connected or being outed for releasing ghost productions (I’m not naming any names, if you know you know!)

4. If we as the power holding public are happy to hand over our hard earned cash to see a pair of boobs dj badly…Who are we to then complain about the state of the industry?

I wish it didn’t matter.  I wish everyone, men included, were progressed on talent alone.  Fact is they’re not. Looks + who you know trumps talent 75% of the time.  Just look at the non-commercial House scene in London.  The same clique of time capsuled DJ’s book each other and each rave has the same tired old line-up yet there is genuine fresh talent available that doesn’t get a look-in unless they sell hundreds of overpriced tickets! Its bollox and its ruined the scene (for those who genuinely appreciate music as opposed to those spending the weekend down a ket hole).

It’s life and life isn’t fair.  People aren’t supportive of anyone who might surpass them, I’ve seen it time and time again.  People dont want to take a risk, people have a chip on their shoulder because ‘no one gave them a break’.  Oh boo bloody hoo.  Man up, woman up…GROW UP!

I will never ‘girl power‘ a female DJ if she is shit.  And that’s me being genuine not bitchy.  But people don’t want genuine (sigh).  Right now, the only female DJ I genuinely rate is Jess Bays. She’s young, doesn’t play on her looks (which she could because she is pretty) isn’t manufactured and is talented.

Gender shouldn’t be an issue, same as colour, race, sexual orientation but it is. That people is the sad truth.

Rant over.

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