Houseology Q&A with MANN&KLAMM

Its been a while since our musical bredrin have graced us with some acoustic greatness, but as the release of their second outing on Houseology looms near. We thought it would be a great idea to break the ice and find out a little bit more about Austria’s ones to watch!


So!!….what has Mann&Klamm been up to since HLY010?
Not many things have changed but often the little things in life that provide the greatest pleasure! Therefore Elias & I upgraded our Rider a little bit… ( Champagne, Premium Vodka and a fucking inflatable boat – you know Steve Aoki standard πŸ˜‰ )

How did your name come about?
We were Austria’s first Milli Vanilli Coverband but we had problems moving our lips in sync to the playback… Then the Dj hype were growing up and thought that would be a cool idea to present us. switching form a coverband to a professional Dj wasnt that hard because all major djs play mixtapes. Mann&Klamm was just the best name for our new project.

Whats your favourite track at the moment?
Paul C, Paolo Martini – Spunk

What is your favourite track of all time?
Butch – No Worries

What was the first Vinyl you ever bought?
MSTRKFT – The Looks

What kind of software/hardware do you use to produce your tracks?
Ableton Live 9

What music was played in your house when you were growing up?
Frank Sinatra – The Girl From Ipanema ( Elias ) Kraftwerk – Das Model ( Jan )

Who are your inspirations in music?

Whats been the highlight for you guys so far?
Clearly that Elias & I met each other… and of course our Release HLY010

Whats your funniest DJing story?
Long story short….waking up in the shower of the club at 10am.

Who is more likely to get drunk out of the two of you?
It depends…

Give us a fact about Austria that will impress us?
“Fucking” is the name of an little Village in Austria. ItΒ΄s also the place most likely to have its name sign stolen.

Name one embarrassing song that you actually like
King of my Castle – Wamdue Project

Who’s a faster runner Mann or Klamm?
Never ever had a competion

What has 2014 in store for you guys?
Hopefully many Releases!

Check out HLY017 by Mann&Klamm out 25th August here!