Kismet has always had a keen ear for music. An ear that isn’t influenced by hype or outside opinion, a rarity in the current competitive world of DJing. In todays era Musical compromise is something which has never been so prominent. It’s in this world Kismet is more than a breathe of fresh air. His DJing sets have seen him collect many respected followers as its hard to ignore the obvious attention to detail “The Don” has partaken in. It was only a matter of time, and persistent coaxing, that Kismet would venture into the world of production utilising his obvious blessing in musical taste. Kismet was able to articulate his “dubbage” DJing style and selection into a strong and respectable debut release on Houseology. Since which he hasn’t looked back, and in private conversations wonders why he waited so long!

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Bug In My Mouth


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Bug In My Mouth

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