A brief lesson in AFRO HOUSE #HouseologyBlogSeries

BY DJ Aries

Contributor, Houseology Blog Series,  Twitter: @DJ__Aries

A brief lesson in AFRO HOUSE

Welcome to my first article for the Houseology team! Can you believe I actually never used to like House, and no I’m not following the crowd or jumping on the proverbial bandwagon. I think it’s more of a case where I have allowed myself to like it organically. Despite this, it has been an all round new and different experience which has transported me to a space of  joy and tranquility.

As many may know (or not) there are numerous different rooms of House; Progressive, Deep Tech, Chicago, Acid, Funky, Tribal, Latin, Afro the list is continually growing. Over the past few years the mainstream music community, picks the freshest sub-genre. And when that happens every artist/producer makes attempts to get their House on the market. No pun intended!

There seems to be a particular ‘tropical’ influence that’s filling the night air on international stages. This is Afro House/South African House. The man carrying the flag for this genre is multi-award winning Producer and DJ – Black Coffee. His career has actually been spanning for more than 20 years becoming one of the most influential musicians in Africa. Over recent years Black Coffee has been touring non-stop from Europe, Asia, USA, Canada, Middle East and his home country South Africa. BC has masterfully incorporated the Deep House influences with his South African roots in such a way that successfully crossed over to different audiences. South African House in particular has it’s own scene popular across the international house landscape – Ibiza and Miami. Other artists such as; DJ Shimza, Julian Gomes, Culoe De Song and Mi Casa all have a prominent impact on the SA house scene.

Afro House isn’t as popular in the UK probably because of the saturated market especially for House music and possibly due to the lack of an Afro House figure-head to push the sound, but everywhere else it seems part of the program. Places such as; Amsterdam, Luanda, Durban, Dubai, Croatia are all in tuen with Afrohouse and I guess also it’s possibly due to the culture, trends and lifestyle. All the other advocates and figures of Afrohouse i.e. DJ Afrozilla, Boddhi Satva, Rancido, Osunlade, Culoe De Song and Louie Vega even our very own honcho at Houseology Funk Butcher has delved into these sounds in some of his previous work. Yes everyone has dipped their toes in.

To find out about the most popular Afro House tracks, the best place is Traxsource. The Top 100 tracks will keep you updated. In the mean time I’d suggest listening to ‘So Blessed’ from DJ Afrozilla who has roots in Portugal and Angola. Going forward I do believe the UK will eventually become more receptive to Afro House. It will take a while but like other genres, they all have their moment in the cycle.


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